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Suseum :: The Sustainability Museum – Planning & Execution

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Suseum – The Sustainability Museum was an initiative by Energy Alternatives India. I was working for Energy Alternatives India as Creative Designer. This initiative, a museum dedicated for Sustainability was proposed to few of my colleagues and they weren’t interested in working on it. I and my colleague Manigandan Siva took this sustainability initiative project and started working on it from planning to implementation.

Suseum – The sustainability museum, is one of a kind inititaive to create awareness among various age groups for a sustainable lifestyle, waste management, vertical gardening composting, DIY ideas on waste and also about renewable energy.

The idea behind this museum is to provide practical awareness and guide people on the entire spectrum of sustainability, so that not only do visitors get to learn about sustainability, they also get a hands on understanding of how to start practicing specific activities.

This is how it looked when we started with the project. We were given an empty apartment to set up this initiative.

umadotc suseum

We started working on this initiative Suseum from scratch in May 2013 and it was press launched on Oct 15 2013. Suseum was all about knowing Sustainability in one place, We had 6 different Pavilions to talk about different sustainable needs of an individual.


1. Sustainable Lifestyle Pavilion: Showcase of different eco-friendly products an individual can use in his/her everyday life from the moment they wake up till they go to sleep. We use to create awareness about the eco-friendly vehicles, how to avoid pollution and etc.,

2. Waste Management Pavilion: Showcase of different types of waste and how to segregate. Why waste should be segregated and how it affects the people and environment.

3. Renewable Energy Pavilion : Information about renewable energy and Green Buildings were displayed to create awareness for corporates. Showcase of biogas stove, solar panels and small windmills were also placed to make the sustainability subject interesting to kids.

4. Do it yourself Pavilion : Different types of products were made from everyday waste materials were showcased and I was also conducting workshops for kids on waste management.

5. Garden Pavilion : Live set up of Vertical Garden , Square Foot Garden and Composting was set up and we were providing guidelines and information on how people can have such garden in their homes even if they had no space.

6. Innovation Pavilion : 100 Clean tech ideas and innovations were displayed.

7. Store : Showcase of different types of eco friendly products and Upcycle products.

Design Aspect :: Suseum Interior

Suseum interior was made entirely by us hand made and they were mostly from newspaper waste and other waste materials found in and around our office. Newspaper played a major role as it was one of the waste we were saving everyday. I was also handling the web design and print design; Social media marketing; Youtube Videos for Suseum ( YOUTUBE CHANNEL ).

hardworkphoto 1 photo 2


Impact :: Visitors from all over the Globe

Suseum was Press launched and we had lot of visitors from different parts of the world, Professionals from various sectors, Universities, School kids from different schools, NGO’s and much more.. We gave them a guided tour for more than two hours giving them a speech about various aspects of sustainability and how they as an individual can contribute to a better lifestyle without harming the environment.



Suseum schoolsuseum visitorssuseum craft


Kids Workshops :: Waste Management and Upcycling


At Suseum we conducted workshops on waste management. We also taught interested kids waste to value crafts inside Suseum whenever they made a visit. We always received good feedback from kids and their parents. We made kids were aware of waste they throw, waste segregation.

kidscraft workshopsuseum workshopsuseum workshop2


Impact outside Suseum :: Al Qamar Academy, Kottivakkam and Others

School kids from Al Qamar Academy visited Suseum and months later they had a science fair in their school and we were invited to visit the fair. We were really happy to see a model of Suseum in display. Other than Al Qmar Academy we received a handwritten postcard, contributions made by kids and much more…

alqamar suseum2alqamar suseumothers

Testimonial from Kids