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‘Global Warming’ ‘climate change’ ‘environment’ ‘eco’ ‘green’ ‘carbon’ ‘footprint’ bla bla bla these words aren’t new to us. We have been hearing these words for past few decades from every corner of the world. All high tech people, companies, corporate CSR, every big people had their share in conveying messages about going green and it was just the message. CSR activities are mostly fake that they follow the concept of donating NGO’s and ignore exact value of corporate social responsibilty towards the environment. Messages can be sent from anyone from anywhere, what we miss here is; ultimately it’s an individual who makes the change and these big industrial companies need to set a platform for the change needed.

‘Seven Billion Dreams; One Planet; Consume with Care’ is a brillliant slogan for 2015. We all have a dream – a wish to be an eco-conscious person – what we lack is awareness about what sustainability really is and what we have to do exactly to care for the planet… Planting Trees on special days is just one thing but how many take care of it after planting, is really a ???

Sustainability or Going Green is as simple as that – it’s not as complicated as what people have portrayed. These 3 R’s and U is more than enough to make the world a better place to live.

REUSE – REDUCE – REFUSE – RECYCLE – UPCYCLE ( Recycling or Down-cycling a product again uses energy to make a new product out of it and product quality is downgraded when recycled, whereas Upcycling is using the same product for a different purpose e.g., using waste containers to store toys)

Following a simple lifestyle which doesnt harm the environment is sustainability in simple words. Let’s just talk about our day to day activities where we can change simple things and become more environment friendly…

These are few activities we do, every day after we wake up

  1. Switch off Lights / Fan / AC – Take mobile phone off charger which we put to charge at night.
  2. We brush – Lets save water – lets not leave the tap open and brush
  3. We bath – Lets avoid Shower as much as possible – We only need a bucket of water for a bath
  4. Clothing – We may not find 100 % eco-friendly stylish outfits to wear, but we can have 50 % of our closet with outfits made from natural fibers like bamboo, banana etc.,. Invisibly TEXTILE industry leaves a lot of carbon footprint as the fabric undergoes a lot of process before it becomes an outfit.
  5. Accessories – Avoid using leather products – Products made from natural fibers are more aesthetic and stylish in looks. Recent news update is ‘Bolt Threads’ – which are made from proteins from Yeast. Threads made from these are flexible, thin and stronger like Steel.
  6. Food – Eat what you can – serve little by little and avoid food waste
  7. Kitchen waste – All the vegetable and fruit left overs uncooked can be made into compost and those manures can be used for plants in home
  8. Travelling – We are used to a lifestyle with car and bikes, Public transport is impossible for us. So maybe we can try bike pooling or car pooling, that way saves fuel and money
  9. Office – Avoid unnecessary print outs – use one sided papers – switch off electrical appliances when you go out of cabin. Wash coffee cup immediately so it takes less water to wash
  10. Shopping – Take your own shopping bag with you – say no to the plastic cover they offer
  11. Mobiles – we upgrade to mobile phones every two years, do you know every advanced smart phone has got more earth’s rare metals in it. When we scrap an old phone we are scraping the rare metals too with it. E-waste is another major problem with more toxic. Think twice before upgrading them.

These are few simple things which we can follow every day, there are much more we can add to change. Small changes do make a bif difference when it’s followed by many. We as an individual we are open to change and willing to change our lifestyle accordingly but it’s in the hands of the packaging industry and manufacturers to design bio-degradable products. For e.g., every day we go to supermarket to buy products, if that product package is bio degradable then the carbon foot print from packaging industry is ZERO carbon foot print.

So having a clean environment is in our hands + manufacturers who need to keep design in mind for bio friendly products.

Lets do what we can without waiting fot others

“A very Happy Environment Day”

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