Be it a casual or a sick leave, we have hand full of days to take off every year. I have seen people taking off on important days just for the sake of utilizing those day and yes they are meant for us to take. On the other hand there are other set of people who works continuously all day. Imagine a scenario where you missed your office bus and went to office late by 10 minutes in Taxi???

Not worth it !!”  said my colleagues.

This above thing happened to me one fine day and my colleagues response confused me. They made it feel like as if biggest mistake was committed.

  • Few colleagues of mine told me that “I wasted a day and money spent for taxi” as my office was quite far from the city.
  • One friend told me “I understand you missed your bus, but taking a Taxi to that far away office is just too much.”
  • One colleague asked me “what’s wrong with you?”

I was wondering did I do something wrong?

Then I got the answer for the big WHY question I asked to myself.

  • I was highly motivated to come to office by a taxi because I was very happy with the place I work and with the team I work.
  • When we love doing what we do, we will even work non-stop which defines the very word Passion.

I strongly believe whatever we do whether we like it or not, we need to do it and be dedicated to it . We all have a passion for something but we choose different jobs out of no choice sometimes. I’m sure some people will want to be a photographer but how many Indian parents or wife or yourself are willing to go behind that passion ? So we go for other choices  which isn’t our passion.

Just blindly loving in what we do makes our workplace friendlier and reduces work stress because we enjoy what we do. This in return will make us more energetic person and other colleagues will be drawn towards our charm in work. This helps in networking as well and makes us work with little more dedication. I am sure with these two things you won’t be asking those questions again and will go places.

Enjoy your workplace | Enjoy your work

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