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Sustainability lifestyle promoter with 3 years of experience in creating awareness and setting up sustainability initiatives. Her passion for promoting sustainable lifestyle and waste management influenced her to start a sustainability initiative called “UpcycleIt” ( )

She has 6 years of experience in graphic designing and she has played a significant role for more than 3 years in promoting sustainable lifestyle among the different group of people. She has hands-on experience in setting up sustainability initiatives like Suseum – The Sustainability Museum, UpcycleIT and in conducting waste management awareness workshops to make products from waste materials and to promote upcycling. She coordinated regularly with the local organisations and NGO to support the environment. Her initiative UpcycleIt provides solutions for everyday waste thrown into landfills and she helps in reducing individual carbon footprint through her initiative. Her works have been featured in a number of printed news articles in India.

Her experience as a graphic designer and sustainability promoter made her a creative competitor who can deliver innovative ideas and concepts in sustainability. Her accomplishments in her work and sustainability initiatives can be found in this link ::  Achievements

She is a person who is very active in social media to promote a cause or share some fun facts.  Her Facebook page for UpcycleIT has got more than 3,200 plus followers and she also owns a youtube channel with more than 5 million views++.

She loves Doodling which she has done few so far; she is a hobby photographer yes, she got lots of shot with her and much more to go…